I miss real cold weather. Today is a lovely day outside though.  It is misty and raining and cold considerint I am in San Antonio.  I loved the weather today until I read posts from Oklahoma folks about the snow they got this weekend….sigh.  I sure miss the snow.  There is something about the way life feels…seems to slow down to me.  Sounds are muffled outside and everything feels like slow-mo.  I enjoy living here, I really do.  There are great people, downtown is great, the part of the city I live in is great, I love my job…. hey, we’ve even got the Spurs.  Still, I can’t believe I am saying it, but I think I actually miss Oklahoma.  When I lived there, I might have complained a little, but in the end, it was a great place to live.  Sigh.  I’m sure I’ll move somewhere else some day.

I’ve been reading this book for heaven knows how long.  I am too much of a computer nerd and not enough of a book one.  I enjoy thinking about the books I want to read, but most of the time I just end up on the computer (like right now…the book is sitting beside me, but instead I’m reading posts on xanga).  I hate to jump on the postmodern church book bandwagon, but I am really enjoying this one. (although I can’t quite explain a book like my man TDot can, so I’ll just post a quote)

“In a postmodern world the most effective witness to a world of disconnected people is the church that forms community and embodies the reality of the new society.  People in a postmodern world are not persuaded to faith by reason as much as they are moved to faith by participation in God’s earthly community.”

I have long been a PC person.  I can remember many times when I ridiculed or argued with Mac people about which to use.  It is of course one of the deepest theological debates of our day.  Mac vs. PC.  PC vs. Mac.  Jobs vs. Gates. Gates vs. Jobs.

I bring this up to announce the fact that I am coming out of the Mac Closet.  I am a Mac user.  I know this may come as a shock to some, and others may wonder why it took me so long.  The first step came when I was I was looking to order a new video editing computer for work.  Everything I looked at pointed to the fact that Macs handled both video editing and graphic design better than a PC.  So, I picked out the top of the line, most souped up Mac set-up possible.  So as not to stray completely, I kept with my favorite cross platform video editing software (Avid) instead of Apple’s Final Cut Pro.  Also to keep me grounded I still had my monster of a PC laptop.

Then it happened.  This last week, my church was having the grand opening of its brand spankin new freakin huge auditorium.  I was working non-stop for 2 weeks (my first two weeks home from the honymoon by the way) and it all came to culmination on the first day of the grand opening this past Saturday.  Well, somewhere in the frenzy I accidently misplaced my laptop.  I noticed on Sunday that it wasn’t where I thought I had placed it.  Christina and I searched long and hard to no avail.  My boss told me she knew someone saw it and stole it since quite a few laptops had been stolen at church (another topic all together).  I didn’t quite resign to the fact that it was gone, but everyone else did.  Right away they said they wanted to order me a new laptop, and asked me what I wanted.

I mulled over the choices this past monday and decided to change.  I asked to get a 14-inch iBook.  And they said yes.  So, my new laptop is ordered, and I expect to get it in the next few days.  They strange part of the story is that right after they ordered my new laptop, my old laptop was found.  The maintence staff (God bless them) at church had picked it up and kept it without mentioning to us that they had it.  My boss told me it was time for a new laptop for me anyways, and the my old one has plenty of places to go.  So, this very well might be my last entry on a PC.

Farwell all who use PCs.  I am now a Mac user.

I have to get used to posting. I’m not cool enough yet.  Life is crazy, and I really have to make an effort to listen to music right now.  Married life is great.  I’ve been ready for this for a while….

This is going to be a crazy week at work.  We are moving into our new auditorium this week, and we will have our first services this weekend.  We are not even close to ready, but we will be in there ready or not. 

I intend to read more books…I have a large list of books I am thinking about reading, and a big stack of books I have been in the process of reading for about 6 months.  I guess I could attempt to make more time, but when my life consists of so many computers, getting to the books is pretty difficult.

Listening to:  The Air Conditioner (I don’t know if there is a music group by that name, but if there isn’t, there should be)

Right now all I’m listening to is all that I “borrowed” from Tim. I have a huge playlist including:

Jimmy Eat World “Futures”, Sparta “Wiretap Scares”, Bright Eyes, Brand New, Modest Mouse, The Promise Ring, At the Drive-In, Remy Zero, Taking Back Sunday, and a little King’s X “Ear Candy”

I’ll add more next