I just decided to edit this today while waiting for the cable guy to fix my internet (bad cable modem).  I had an XL2 with me, so I shot stuff.  I’m a supreme nerd.

Today was a pefect day to have a day off.  A chilly (for south Texas in October), gloomy day, being lazy and drinking coffee in the morning while playing with my kitten Izze and listening to the new Damien Jurado CD.  Tonight he is playing with Rosie Thomas in Austin at Emo’s, and Christina and I bought tickets to go about a month ago.  Well, forget all that….Instead I have to work at this, while Christina hangs out with friends and my brother goes in my stead to see the concert I’ve been looking forward to for so long.  On Sunday, David Bazan is playing in Austin, but once again, I am working.  Sigh…I shouldn’t complain, its a good job, but I don’t get a chance to see concerts very often.  You should check out Damien Jurado’s new cd though…I just bought it off iTunes today and its perfect for a cold fall day.

I feel like there are not a lot of places for me to reveal to the world my true talents.  It is all bottled up inside  me, and I have no way to express it.  I had  a friend send me a link to a contest that I should enter that will reveal my true talents.  I hope you will all cheer me on.

Here It Is

I had ear surgery on Tuesday, so I’m sitting at home doing not much for
a week.  When I was younger, I had 3 ear surgeries to remove a
cholosteatoma from my right ear and to do some reconstruction. 
Well, I have had some problems of late, and found out this past summer
I was going to have to have another surgery to correct some
problems.  I’m doing good right now, mainly because of the pain
medicine (I am really loopy and hope this all makes sense). Just
thought I should post that.

An intro to an EastGate sermon series at church called Remix that I made, starring my brother. It’s a larger quicktime file, but I couldn’t bring myself to compress it anymore.  I’m not exactly sure why I’m posting this.

We are headed to Oklahoma (Lake Murray) on Saturday for a family reunion.  It is with Christina’s side of the family, and I’m not sure what to expect really.  Hopefully nothing too crazy.

It has been a long time since I have posted, and I’m sorry.  We
have had lots going on in our lives.  Besides that I have a
legitimate excuse…we don’t have internet at our house because we
moved and it still hasn’t been connected.  Oh, where to
begin.  We bought a house, and we absolutely love it.  We
have been busy signing paper, painting like crazy, moving, and now,
dealing with a plumbing problem that is going to cost us quite a bit in
the long run…alas, it is all just stuff anyways.

Well, I will post more again later, but I have to leave now from
church, because I’m really hungry.  I have said nothing about our
trip to Chicago in June.  You can find them on my
.  You will also find pictures from my friend Scott’s wedding
in Oklahoma and pictures of
new house
that we took before we bought it.  I will be putting up
the after pictures later.  Out.