So I’ve been saving up for quite a while now for a Canon Digital Rebel XT (not XTi, I don’t feel its worth the extra $200).  For my birthday and Christmas all I wanted was money for the camera, and I have done extra jobs and sold stuff on ebay so I can get it.  Well, I finally had enough to get the body, and since it was on sale, Christina said I could get the body only (I don’t want the kit lens).  So I ordered the body, and it is set to come in sometime early next week.  The torture is that I will have the camera, minus the lens or a memory card.  I am finishing an editing job on the side, and once I get paid for that I am going to get the lens and the memory card.  I am planning on getting the 50mm f/1.8 lens for many reasons.  I really want to use a fixed lens for a while, and I have heard a lot about the sharpness of this lens.  Besides all of that it is Canon’s cheapest lens (only $80 retail, and I can get it for less).  Its a little cheaper built than the rest of the Canon lenses, but I’ll try and be gentle with it.  Be watching for me taking pictures with it on my flickr site.

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  1. hey man awesome. way to go for buying a dslr. my first was the ten D. i got it in high school and man it all went down hill from there, and last year i shelled out for the 5d. i’ll be looking at your flickr for sure. happy new year!

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